Example databases for JRS

The following files freely downloadable contains SQL commands to create three different database. They can be created by using the “Load” command in the “File” menu of the JRS program. Each file is self-contained and start with the command to create the database where tables will be defined and data will be inserted. Note that the SportDB database is already loaded in to the system.

TestStar Example.

This is an example of a database about Customers, Products and Orders.

SportDB Example.

This is the database used as reference example in the manual contained in the system and visible by clicking the “Help” button. Note that this database is already loaded into the system.

Esempio di azienda.

This is a database in Italian, containting an example described in the book “Fondamenti di Basi di Dati”. This database can be used to test the exercises of chapter 6 of the book. The database schema is shown here.