Download the JRS. (Version 15 March 2021)

The system is contained in the file JRS210315.jar and has been tested on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows with JAVA 8. To be executed the system needs a working Java Run-time Environment (JRE), that can be downloaded from

For Mac OS X: since the system is protected from non digitally signed programs, to execute it the following operations must be performed:

  1. Double click the Jar file. A message will appear specifying that the program cannot be executed. Close the dialog with the message.
  2. In Control Panel choose Security and Privacy, then click on the tab General. At the bottom of the panel a message will be displayed with the information that JRS2020.jar has been blocked, together with a button to open explicitly the application. Click the button.
  3. Double click again on the jar file. The program will start, and from now on the program will start any time it is double clicked.